Lambda: the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA

Lambda is a local aligner optimized for many query sequences and searches in protein space. It is compatible to BLAST, but much faster than BLAST and many other comparable tools.

Downloads are available from the sidebar on the left. Lambda is Free and open source software, so you can use it for any purpose, free of charge. However certain conditions apply when you (re-)distribute or modify Lambda, please respect the license. Also, please cite the publication if you use Lambda anywhere in your academic work. Thank you!

The manual, build instructions and much more are available in the: ━━━┥ WIKI ┝━━━


Lambda: the local aligner for massive biological data; Hannes Hauswedell, Jochen Singer, Knut Reinert; Bioinformatics 2014 30 (17): i349-i355; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu439


2016-04-08: Release of 0.9.4

Version 0.9.4 has just been released. It contains minor SAM/BAM fixes and additions, and it now runs on OpenBSD. Lambda can now also be built with Clang (as of version 3.8) and the Intel Compiler (as of version 16.0.2). If there are no serious bugs, this version will soon become 1.0 and development of the new feature branch will begin.

2015-12-11: Release of 0.9.3

Version 0.9.3 has just been released. This is mostly a bug-fix release. We have also added app tests and continuous integration builds to improve the quality of Lambda and spot issues more quickly. Happy holiday season to all users who are affected :-)

2015-11-27: Release of 0.9.2

Version 0.9.2 has just been released. We have implemented (long-awaited) support for the SAM and BAM formats! And documentation on the different formats and their options has been added to the wiki. The indexer now truncates sequence IDs by default which results in smaller indexes. If you use the pairwise format (.m0) you might want to change this since your output files will only contain the shortened IDs otherwise; all other formats are not effected (they truncate the IDs anyway). Head over to the releases for a full list of changes and the downloads. Updated index files will be created next week (but old indexes are compatible).

2015-10-23: Release of 0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 has just been released. There is now support for memory-mapped file access to the database which enables sharing the memory between multiple instances of LAMBDA running on the same server. Also the construction of the index now uses a different algorithm which is faster and more memory efficient. See the Changelog for details. Users who built 0.9.0 from Source, please be aware that optimizations where not turned on by default, so please update to 0.9.1 and rebuild. Users of our binaries are not affected.

2015-09-15: Indexes prebuilt for 0.9.*

There are now pre-built indexes for NR, the Uniref databases and the Uniprot databases available in the wiki.

2015-09-14: Release of 0.9.0

I am pleased to announce the availability of lambda-0.9.0. This is the first release based off SeqAn 2.0 with many bug-fixes and new features. See the Changelog for details. Please note that the indexes created with older versions are not compatible.